give a brief description of dhekiabari tea garden

Where Dhekiabari Tea Garden is situated?

  • Dhekiabari Tea Garden is a tea estate and tea garden located in Upper Assam.

Description of Dhekiabari Tea Garden.

  • Pranjol’s father, Mr. Barua, was a manager at the Dhekiabari tea garden.
  • When Pranjol and Rajvir were traveling to the Dhekiaberi tea garden by train, they were having a wonderful time. On the way, they saw green forests and fields of paddy.
  • They saw tea bushes. The boys saw acres of neatly trimmed tea bushes on both sides of the road.
  • When they reached the Dhekiaberi tea garden, they saw that the tea bushes were neatly arranged and trimmed at the same height.
  • The tea pluckers were working together in groups and each had a bamboo basket on their back.
  • They were picking the new and tender leaf sprouts and putting them into their baskets.

How Rajvir describes Dhekiabari Tea Garden:

  • It was a landscape of tea plantations, being viewed against the backdrop of densely wooded hills.
  •  There were tall shade trees and one could see women picking tea leaves, who appeared to be doll-like figures.