Explain the different roles played by friends in our life with reference to ‘Of friendship’

Friend is a unique word for everyone. It is said that nothing is life without friends. Sometimes it does not matter in friendship. Friendship makes life beautiful beyond our thinking. Some people can not even get it by spending millions, which are made by meeting a few moments of friends. Sometimes a friend on the hard mode of life is a friend who also gives you difficulties. Life spent with a true friend remembers to die. Sometimes a message or a phone of a friend removes all loneliness. The time spent it is a golden time of life. If a true friend also told a problem by mistake, then he will hear a lot, you will also feel the flag, but the solution of that trouble will be that. There is no limit to friendship. Ever as a small child, sometimes as an old man, sometimes Mummy-Papa, and sometimes a husband – wife gets a friend in any form. If you say it is not a definition of true friendship. Friendship is a lot of God. Without a friendship life is half.