What Is Edge Computing

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        Definition of Edge Computing:

        Edge computing is basically a form of cloud computing where computing is distributed across multiple devices rather than in one location called an “origin server”. In fact, edge computing emulates a cloud-like system using “edge servers” or “microservers” instead of origin servers. Edge computing is very similar to regular cloud computing for the end user, but edge devices share the computing task with servers.

        How does Edge Computing work?

        • Most users want both smaller and more powerful devices.
        • Cloud computing is always going to be more powerful than any devices that most people could reasonably own.
        • Cloud computing allows for devices to be smaller and more portable, which solves the size problem, but it also requires fast computing.
        • When you’re working with large data requirements, like streaming games or watching media, your performance may decrease.
        • If the cloud service is in high demand at the time, the performance will drop off even more.
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