What is a dramatic monologue and how does Robert Browning use it in his poem “my last duchess”

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        What is a dramatic monologue

        The ‘dramatic monologue’ was one of the most favourite forms of poetry for the Victorian poets. In this type of poetry the entire poem is spoken out at a critical moment of the speaker’s life and the presence of a silent listener offers great insight into the feelings, temperament and character of the speaker .It is indeed ‘a comprehensive soliloquy’ , and Browning’s dramatic monologues are regarded as the best master of this type. Margaret Willy claims this form to be the greatest
        and most original contribution of Browning to English poetry .

        how does Robert Browning use it in his poem “my last duchess”

        Browning wrote poetry with a purpose – to explore the heart and mind of his characters, by making them talk in a particular situation about a certain incident, idea or experience. In his dramatic monologues, he looks at life from different perspectives. In the following paragraphs, an analysis of the techniques applied by Browning in his dramatic monologues with special reference to “My Last Duchess” shall be dealt with.

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