Trace the mental conflict of Faustus from the beginning till the last hour on this earth.

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        The mental conflict of Dr.Faustus is solely due to his own free will.

        1. A bargain with the devil was not an act of force or coercion. Dr. Faust’s psychological conflict can be traced back to the emergence of Faust’s own thought objectification—good angels and bad angels, in an attempt to put Faustra on completely opposite paths.
        2. Thus, we can often see Faust confessing in the next few scenes. Good angel’s advice, but evil angels triumph by instilling fear into Faust’s heart.
        3. Faust also indulges in the temptation of the Seven Deadly Sins, in the penultimate actIn the book, we find him bewitched by the “lust” of one of the seven deadly sins, as he succumbs to Helen’s beauty despite the old man’s advice.
        4. Even in the last scene, we find that Faust is still more frightened by the power of evil than by relying on God. His so-called repentance is simply the voice of fear, not a firm prayer to God.
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