Must-Know Points about Rowlatt Act for UPSC Prelims

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        • The Anarchist and Revolutionary Crimes Act, 1919 is a law that deals with crimes that are considered to be against the social order. The Imperial Legislative Council passed a law in March 1919.
        • This act gives the British government the authority to arrest anyone they suspect of terrorist activities. This law also allows the government to detain people arrested for up to two years without trial.
        • It also allows the police to search for places without a warrant. It also put severe restrictions on the freedom of the press.
        • The act was passed after being recommended by the Rowlatt Committee, headed by a judge, Sir Sidney Rowlatt. The act was harshly criticized by Indian leaders and the public.
        • The bills became known as “black bills” after they were passed unanimously against the wishes of all of the Indian members of the council. They all resigned in protest of the act.
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