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  • उत्तर
        • This poem considers the theme of “abroad” from the perspective of a young child.
        • They wonder what it would be like to be in a different country, and what all the different people and animals would be like. For a child, any place outside the familiar home and home garden is a distant land.
        • The child believes he could see as far as the river’s ripple marks go.
        • Where the river meets the sea among the ships.
        • He imagined a road leading to a magical fairyland, where he would see happy little children playing. At the top of the tree, the child sees a world of fresh, new possibilities.
        • He is free to explore and discover new things, and he feels very happy and excited.
        • To an adult, the things he sees may seem unremarkable, but to a child they are exciting and the child wants to explore even further.
        • The child climbs a tree and looks around at strange lands, and in the second clip, the child sees the nearby garden decorated with beautiful flowers and other fun places he has never seen before.
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