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        • The story ‘Bade Bhai Sahab’ is composed by Premchand.
        • Premchand’s stories have always been instructive.
        • He has attacked one problem or the other through his stories.
        • Bade Bhai Saheb is just an attempt to revive the feeling of duties, which is dying out in society.
        • In this story, the elder brother is fulfilling his responsibilities towards his brother, while handling his duties. His age is not so much as his responsibilities. His responsibilities seem small for his age. He does not hesitate to sacrifice his own childhood for the sake of his younger brother.
        • They realize that their wrong steps can spoil the future of the younger brother.
        • He doesn’t hesitate to play with his future. A step taken by a fourteen-year-old child lays the foundation for a bright future for the younger brother. These ideals make the elder brother even higher in front of the younger brother. This story teaches that man is older not by age but by his deeds and duties.
        • In the present age, man is developing but is forgetting his ideals. We have given up our ideals in the race to collect material pleasures.
        • For us today material happiness is everything. Our responsibilities towards our younger and elders are not necessary for us. Premchand has placed the importance of these duties in front of everyone.
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