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    What is e-portfolio?

    An ePortfolio is a document that resembles a collection of work and evidence that demonstrates your learning over time. When you draft your ePortfolio, it is vital to know about the purpose and audience for which it is intended document.

    Three main types of e-portfolios:

    1. Showcase portfolio
    2. Developmental portfolio
    3. Assessment portfolio

    In detail information about the showcase portfolio:

    It is also known as

    • Professional portfolios
    • Formal portfolios
    • Presentation portfolios
    • Representational portfolios
    • Employment portfolios


    • Demonstrate skillsets and experiences
    • It is self-explanatory
    • This portfolio is considered the product

    In detail information about the Developmental portfolio:

    It is also known as:

    • Learning portfolios
    • Reflection portfolios
    • Formative portfolios
    • Working portfolios


    • Demonstrate work in progress
    • Self-assessment and reflection are highlighted
    • The portfolio is considered a process.

    In detailed information about the assessment portfolio.

    It is also known as a summative portfolio.


    • It is the systematic collection of training work by students and trainees.
    • It includes all kinds of information.



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