the life of the cherry tree was threatened

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    The life of the cherry tree was in danger on various occasions when it was not attended to.

    In-depth description:

    • In this story, Ruskin Bond describes an unattended cherry tree.
    • In the past, when the goat tried to eat away all its leaves, and when the tree was still quite young, things would not have worked out very well for either of them.
    • A woman cut away grass and she also cut down the cherry tree.
    • However, when Rakesh was there, he saw a caterpillar feeding on the tree’s leaves, and he picked up the caterpillar and placed it on dried leaves that were lying elsewhere.
    • He protected the cherry tree from being chopped down.
    • The life of the Cherry tree was in danger when it was not tended to properly. In some cases, the weather also played a role. For example, when heavy snow fell on it.
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