Raju is a character of „Rogue and Fraud‟ in the Guide?

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    • The novel, The Guide, is set in the fictional town of Malgudi, in southern India.
    • The title refers to the character of Raju, who is the narrator and the driving force of the story.
    • The novel is told through a series of flashbacks, in which the reader learns about the characters’ pasts. Raju, the protagonist, grows up near a train station and becomes a shopkeeper and then a resourceful tour guide.

    Raju’s character:

    • He is highly intelligent and able to think on his feet.
    • He is also quite shrewd, so he is able to get the most out of situations.
    •  We find the slyness, dishonesty and gullibility of Margaya, the blatant pomposity of Mr. Sampath, the adventurousness of Mali, the romantic excess of Sitaram, and the mystical learning of Chandran.
    • In the nutshell, Raju is one of the most complex characters in Narayan.
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