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    • The potatoes are stored in a temperature-controlled environment to prevent them from turning into sugar.
    • If not, the starch in the potatoes will cause them to spoil.
    • You can store potatoes this way for about four months. The potatoes are washed and their skins are rubbed off by a machine.
    • The potatoes are then sorted by size. The potatoes move along a belt to a slicing machine that cuts them quickly with a razor-sharp blade.
    • Ripple potato chips are cut by a serrated blade. The potato slices are washed to remove the starch that accumulates on the edge of the potato once it is cut.
    • The potatoes are then put into a vat of hot vegetable oil that always bubbles at 190 degrees Celsius (375 degrees Fahrenheit).
    • As the potato chips cook, the water inside them turns into steam.
    • The steam rises and replaces the space occupied by the water in the potato slice, making the chip crisp.
    • When chips are cooked, inspectors check to make sure the starch in the potato has turned brown, and then remove them from the vat. The chips are seasoned with salt and flavor.
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