narrative of the story adventures in a banyan tree

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    Ruskin Bond’s Adventures of Banyan Trees describes the town of Dela in the valley at the foot of the Himalayas and the various interesting activities that took place around the banyan trees.

    • The story is about a young boy who is filled with joy as he sits in a Banyan tree.
    • The story follows a young boy as he experiences different moments in his life.
    • A deadly battle between a mongoose and a snake is described in the story.
    • While the animals were fighting, the writer was sitting on a branch of the banyan tree.
    • The writer was enjoying the fight and was excited to see who would win the fight.
    • This is a short story by Ruskin Bond about a fascinating fight between a cobra and a mongoose that also entertained two other spectators, a myna and a crow.
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