mention any three features of arid soil

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    What is Arid soil?

    Arid soil is a type of soil that is usually yellow in color and doesn’t contain a lot of minerals. These soils can only form in hot, temperate regions like Rajasthan in India. The dry climate is a major factor in the fast evaporation of water, which reduces the amount of moisture in the soil. This makes it difficult for plants to grow and thrive.

    Features of arid soil:

    • The soil is reddish-brown in color.
    • The soil is sandy and has a high salt content, which makes it difficult to grow plants.
    • It is also low in humus and moisture, which means it is not very hospitable for plants.
    • Arid soils contain a lot of soluble salts.
    • The soil is alkaline because there is no rain to wash away soluble salts.
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