importance of trees essay 150 words

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    • Trees are important in our lives. Without trees, life would be very troublesome.
    • Life would be over if trees didn’t provide a stable and comfortable life for all.
    • These days, many people are eager to chop down trees. If this trend continues, one day we may not have any trees left with us. Trees provide us with oxygen, which is necessary for our breathing.
    • Indeed, trees can help to stop soil erosion.
    • Therefore, we should understand the importance of trees, and we should plant a tree whenever we are cutting down a single one. Flying creatures live on trees.
    • The main house is their most important asset.
    • They get food from trees as well as eat natural products given by trees.
    • In addition, they sell it in the market for cash.
    • Some plants provide us with medication, oils, and elastic. Trees help to hold down rainwater during heavy rain events.
Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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