how many components are included in khelo india programme

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    To achieve the above objectives, the Khelo India scheme is divided into 12 verticals namely: Talented athletes in priority sports disciplines at all levels identified by the High Power Committee will receive annual financial assistance of INR 500,000 per annum for a period of 8 years.

    There are 12 different components in Khelo India Programme:

    • Play Field Development
    • Community Coaching Development
    • State Level Khelo India Centres
    • Annual Sports Competitions
    • Talent Search and Development
    • Utilization and Creation / Upgradation of Sports Infrastructure
    • Support to National/Regional/State Sports Academies
    • Physical Fitness of School going Children
    • Sports for Women
    • Promotion of Sports among persons with disabilities (PWDs)
    • Sports for Peace and Development
    • Promotion of rural and indigenous/tribal games
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