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    • Aerobic exercises help your muscles get more oxygen.
    • This keeps your muscles working for longer periods of time, which helps you do more activities for longer periods of time. These exercises include walking, using a treadmill, and swimming.
    • Daily activities can also be aerobic exercise.
    • There are many ways to motivate yourself to stay active, including walking your dog, doing housework, and playing with children.
    • You can add more variety to your work activities and be more active.
    • You can also train, compete and train. Adding diversity to your fitness program is a good way to stay motivated. Change the activity.
    • If you get bored of walking, try swimming or an aerobics class. You can try a new route for walking or biking, or you can even try a different room for your exercises or stretches. You can choose from several different options to fit your mood or schedule.
Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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