explain the satisfaction that animals have and humans don’t

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    • Animals get satisfied with what they eat every day.
    • That is, they only expect a diet, not too much or very expensive.
    • Whoever feeds them becomes their master.
    • But even if our parents give us food and very comfortable life, we don’t always greet them good morning every day.
    • We should obey them like animals are happy and satisfied to see their family members and masters.
    • The animals are calm and content.
    • The creatures never display the kind of sadness humans typically do in response to difficult circumstances.
    • They don’t regularly pray and lament over their sins. People are often confused, greedy and overambitious, while animals are not.
    • The poet says that it is better to live with animals because they often show signs of goodness.
    • They are peaceful, self-sufficient, and content.
    • Animals seem to have natural goodness that humans lack.
    • Animals don’t complain about their lives or cry over their sins.
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