design thinking is another name of agile manifesto

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    Design thinking is another name of the agile manifesto. This statement is false.

    • Design thinking is a way of thinking about problems that are different from the approach used in agile development.
    • The document calls for a high level of empathy and understanding of end-users, and an iterative process of developing new ideas, challenging assumptions, and redefining problems.
    • Design thinking is a process for designing and innovating using feedback from users.
    • It enables businesses to adapt as the industry changes and new technologies emerge.
    • Design thinking recognizes that there are many different ways to approach solving a problem.
    • Both processes involve taking input from other sources than the team performing the task.
    • This includes usability testing, business requirements, and technological options.
    • This document appears to outline the goals, schedule, and client experiences for application development.
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