describe the wildlife of coorg.

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    • Coorg is the smallest district of Karnataka. It is located in the middle of Mysore and Mangalore.
    • Coorg is a great place for various bird and animal species, as they can find plenty of food and shelter here.
    • These waters abound with large freshwater fish, such as Mahaseer.
    • Kingfishers dive in search of prey, and squirrels and langurs drop partially eaten fruits and enjoy the spillover effect of clear water.
    • Kodagu is a paradise for many species of birds and animals that are endowed with excellent habitats in the rainforests and mountains.
    • There are a quarter of all Indian species living in this one place.
    • The wildlife sanctuaries house a wide variety of birds and animals.
    • There are some rare species as well.
    • Elephants, dear, pangolins, porcupines, mongoose, spotted dear, squirrels, peacocks, foxes, bison, samba, pigeons, wild boars, and many other species can be found in the sanctuary of Coorg.
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