character sketch of mrs clifford in price of flowers

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    • Mrs Clifford was a polite lady. Despite being poor, they did not even ask the narrator to visit his son and offer flowers with his money.
    • She gave the narrator some money to buy flowers and offer to leave them at his son’s grave if visiting there would not be a problem for him.

    In depth explanation:

    • Mrs. Clifford is the mother of Frank and Maggie.
    • She is a well mannered lady.
    • She made their living by selling cakes on Saturdays. She is superstitious and thinks that Mr. Gupta would be able to see the past and future through the ring.
    • Also, she got very disappointed to hear that Mr. Gupta was not able to find Frank.
    • Her concern for Frank clearly shows her love for him. She was very much disturbed when there was no news from him. She urged Mr.Gupta to go to the Indian house to inquire about Frank.
    • All of these show her infinite love as a mother.
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