appreciation of poem life

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    • This poem is about the power of determination and perseverance.
    • The poet says that although life can be difficult, eventually everything will change and good things will come along. Trust is key to a healthy relationship.
    • Life is written by Charlotte Bronte.
    • She is a talented author who has written many great poems.
    • The poet vividly describes the life of others in a way that is beautiful as well as examples.
    • She describes it as the meaning of life. From the very beginning of the poem, she said that there are good days in life, not only do bad days happen, but a person can only wait for this and stay strong because life is not a dream.
    • Hope is a force that always helps people in times of need.
    • The poetess compares life to the sea and to the clouds, and she wants to tell the people that even in the roughest of times, good will eventually come.
Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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