a rich man and his servant story with moral

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    Moral of a rich man and his servant story:

    • A story about a rich man and his servant. The rich man has many servants with him, but one of them steals his watch.
    • One day, the man woke up and realized that his watch was missing from its usual place.
    • He suspected his servant and planned to find the servant who had recently become a thief.
    • The day he ordered all the servants to gather, gave everyone a stick, and said the stick in the thief’s hand would grow an extra inch next.
    • The thief, who didn’t sleep that night, planned to make a small cut on the stick to avoid punishment. The next day, all the sticks were the same size, except for the thieves.
    • The rich man found the thief and punished him for his crimes.

    Moral: Intelligence is the best wit.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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